Parking and Stalls 

Please review the updated parking layout and horse stall list. All horse stalls are numbered on the parking layout and can be verified on the horse stall list. Please note that parking and stall numbers may have changed slightly, so please take a look and make sure you know where your parking and horse stalls are located. I was able to meet the majority of special requests; however, if I was not please contact me and I will see what I can do for next year.

As a reminder, members can no longer save or give their parking and horse stall locations away to others, as this makes it very difficult to plan parking. All parking and horse stall locations are to go through Aubree French. For the 20/21 D3 rodeo season, I will be updating the parking request form and asking that ALL members (current and incoming) fill out the parking request form. This will allow me to know who will be returning for the next rodeo season and hopefully get the parking layout finalized a little sooner.

Have panels to sell? Please let Aubree know, as we always have members looking to purchase panels.

If your name is not on the parking layout, if you see any discrepancies that need correction, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Aubree French.

Thank you D3!

Aubree French