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We regret to inform our rodeo family that our beloved rodeo announcer, Bill Johnson, passed away. He fought a rapid illness and passed quickly with his loving family by his side. Bill has announced our rodeos for 35 years. Words can’t express how much this man has meant to our community. We can’t imagine another voice in that microphone. 
Please keep the Johnson Family in your prayers but allow them privacy to grieve. They hope that his granddaughter can compete at the next rodeo without constant tears from people offering their condolences. They already know how much everyone loved him.
We will miss you, Bill Johnson.

The survey to nominate people for board positions has been sent out. If you haven’t received an email, check your junk folder. If you still don’t have it, please email us at nominationsd3@gmail.com. All nominations are anonymous. Some of you may have received the email twice. We had an issue with some emails after our first attempt and apologize for that. We should receive your nomination if you respond from either of the emails. 
Voting will occur at the April 6-7th rodeo. We will give details and voting instructions at the ground rules meeting.

We need all Associate Members to provide their email address.  We are updating our mailing list and need accurate email addresses.  Please send an email to -

nominationsd3@gmail.com with your current email address.  Most of you will get the emails if you used it as the contestants email.  If you didn't use it for the contestant when they signed up, then we don't have it.  

We will be doing the nominations for the 2019 Board by email (Survey Monkey).  THIS IS NOMINATIONS ONLY.  The actual voting will take place, in person at the next rodeo.  We want to have time to verify that the nominee's want to be in the process before we do the actual voting process.  The cutoff for the nominations will be the same cutoff for the entries (3/27/19).  Once you get the  Survey Monkey email, please fill it out right away.  The link in the email will expire if you don't finish it by 3/27/19 at 5pm.  Once it expires it's too late. 

Please don't send your nominations via regular email.  We need to keep them tallied so it has to be done through the actual Survey Monkey email system.  FYI- The nominations come to us as anonymous, we don't have any idea who they are coming back from.

Associate Members are those who paid $20.00 each to become Associate Members.  If you didn't do that, then you can't vote and I won't need it.  These are the Associate Members that we don't have an email for-

Stephen Senita - ?? Spelling

Chris McConnico

Becky DAgostinie

Waco Vontour

Denise Vontour

Jim Durbin

Michael Bullivant

Sandra Semas

Emma Reis - ?? Spelling

Rondo OConnor

John Myers

Bryce Johnson

Joe Worrell

Tracy Ramos

Heather Hellickson

Will Hellickson

Nichole Smith

Angela Shell

Bill Holland

We are planning a District 3 End of the Season Awards Banquet for April 20 at 6pm and need to have an idea of how many people will attend if we contract a venue and caterer for the event. This will be for juniors and seniors. It will be a wonderful night to honor our members' hard work and achievements throughout the year. Please RSVP with your D3 member's name and how many people would be attending the dinner to kaitlynbullivant@gmail.com

Arena sign sponsorships-

-we would like to thank the amazing businesses and individuals who purchase an arena sign to hang at our rodeos!

-we realize that many newly purchased signs aren’t able to be made and hung-up until halfway through our rodeo season.

-we want to assure you that sponsor signs will remain up for a full year from the the time they are actually placed on the fence.

-we appreciate our sponsors and want to ensure you get the value you are paying for!

It has come to our attention that some sponsorship signs have been moved or taken down in the arena. Please see Hunter and/or Robin Harris before removing any sign. These signs have been paid for by our sponsors. We want to ensure they receive full value, in appreciation for their support.

We are looking for timers for the 2019-2020 rodeo season!

Our current timers: Tangi Martin, Brooke Mardesich, Lisa Byrne, and Courtney Becker, will all be retiring at the end of this year. These ladies are great at their jobs and have been instrumental in making our rodeos successful!! We would like to thank them for their dedication to D3!!!
We would like to select the new volunteers now so that they are able to come into the crows nest during the remaining rodeos this season and learn the job. If you are interested in being a timer next year, please contact us!
Thank you!


As many of you know, Jamie Lubenko has been in charge of putting together our Rodeo Programs. Jamie has done an outstanding job and we are so disappointed that she no longer will be able to perform this very important job for our district. Jamie has taken on another professional occupation that consumes all her time, and therefore can no longer take on the responsibility of RODEO PROGRAM MANAGER. If you are interested in this position, please reach out to Jamie Lubenko for further information concerning what the time commitment and details concerning the position of RODEO PROGRAM MANAGER consist of.  

Jamie Lubenko - jlubenko@gmail.com

Please join our Facebook page by clicking the link below for the most up to date information on the district news.


  • Please take a moment to review the safety and policy information here.

  • General Meetings are on Saturdays at 7:30am at every rodeo and are Mandatory for all District 3 competitors.  Family members are welcome.  Plenty of information is given at the General Meetings  pertaining to the weekend's rodeo.

  • Also if any adult plans on being on a horse in a warm up arena, being behind the back gate, or involved behind the scenes etc at our rodeos, you must be in western attire and also be a paid associate member.  Form is on the forms page and please return to rodeo membership secretary before the season starts!


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